Welcome to reportyoursighting.com, the web’s premiere database for collecting and sharing data involving UFO sightings.

Our mission

We believe that data should be free and accessible. Historically the UFO community has shared data in a silo-ed atmosphere as if it was theirs to own, hoarding valuable information that could otherwise help investigators and researchers get a better picture of what’s out there.

Additionally, many of these organizations still rely on physical media by which to collect and index information. In this age of modern technology, we believe that information sharing shouldn’t be an arduous, long-term task but that info should be available almost instantly.

We at the Brant Collective believe that a freer exchange of information leads to a stronger understanding of what’s in our skies, leading to more better-informed community members who can more easily go through the data and find links, patterns and more.

It is then also up to the community to decide what’s worth spending time on, on a case-by-case basis. Our ultimate aim is to serve up the most important, distinctive and compelling cases that then allow us to better understand and determine what exactly is visiting us.

Our values

The Brant Collective believes in respecting your information. We will only share your sighting-specific data if you indicate that you want to. Otherwise your particulars will be stripped and we will only be including top-level information when you submit your information with us.

Want to share your story? Check out our form and tell us more.

About the Brant Collective

We are a collective of several individuals frustrated with the current state of UFOlogy and the way in which information is out of reach to even the most devoted researchers. Join us as we embark on a quest to make UFO/UAP sighting information available to the masses.

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